Who We Are

Our Vision: A World Where Everyone Can See.

We are a small not-for- profit organization, making a difference one individual at a time. Since starting formal operations in May, 2011, we have helped over 44,500 needy individuals with eye exams and custom-fit eyeglasses, or, on average 23 people a day. We have also, in collaboration with the Vision Secretariat in the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka and district and local-level health and education authorities, screened over 1,200,000 school children for vision impairment in 11 districts and put in place a follow up process to track those children needing any kind of follow up. For 2017, we target to provide free services to another 15,000 of the poorest of the poor, both adults and children, to get the eyeglasses or cataract lenses they need to live productive and meaningful lives. We aim to provide customized eyeglasses, based on proper testing and measurement, similar to what we or one of our family members would want.

In 2017, we are continuing our transition to a self-financing social venture model and further testing offering discounted fee-for- services for quality eyeglasses. We want to expand our services to low-income factory, estate, hotel, and other workers who are struggling to make ends meet. While they would not be considered the very poor, they too are unable to afford proper eye care. We will provide these low-income workers and their family members eye exams and eyeglasses at a fraction of the minimum market price and continue to give employers the opportunity to fully or partially subsidize their low-income workers. However, the main focus will be to offer the discounted services directly to patients. We will use the surplus to expand our reach, in our goal to eliminate preventable vision impairment and the needless loss in productivity, quality of life and personal safety that results from poor vision.

So Others May See Inc. at a Glance:
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  • Incorporated in Delaware, USA in December, 2010 (EIN # 27-4468239); approved to operate in Sri Lanka by Ministry of Health and the NGO Secretariat (Registration # FL-146205)
  • This corporation is organized exclusively for charitable purposes as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
The purpose of this corporation is to :
  • Provide needy individuals with free prescription eyeglasses and cataract lenses
  • Collect financial contributions to cover costs of frames, lenses and the distribution of eyeglasses
  • Conduct clinics with certified optometrists and eye specialists in Sri Lanka to test and measure needy individuals for the purpose of providing them with eyeglasses
  • Work independently as well as in collaboration with entities such as the Lion’s Clubs, Helpage, and country-specific government health groups and programs to fulfill the organization’s mission
  • Operations in 2017 will continue to focus primarily on Sri Lanka but also the USA to serve the 35 million people living below the poverty line

Bank: Commercial Bank Sri Lanka Acc.: So Others May See Inc. Acc. No.: 1108623501