Wiraketiya Clinic

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Date: June 29, 2012

Project in Brief

A program for Wiraketiya MOH area in Hambantota District in Southern Sri Lanka was held on June 29, 2012 on the request of the District Secretariat Hambantota made through Navajeevana, a non-governmental organization based in the Hambantota district who has been working to rehabilitate people with disabilities in southern Sri Lanka for over twenty years. A total of 453 needy individuals received eyeglasses on this clinc. This program was sponsored by an anonymous source, and, Navajeevana collaborated with SOMS and the Wiraketiya MOH to hold the eye clinic at the Weeraketiya MOH office premises. 136 Reading bifocals were given on the spot for the clinic participants and 317 custom-made eyeglasses were distributed to the participants in the middle of July, 2012 by the Navajeevana team and Wiraketiya MOH staff.


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