Moratuwa Clinic

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Date: June 16, 2012

Project in Brief

In line with the 200th anniversary celebrations of Citibank N.A., Citi Sri Lanka together with So Others May See Inc. (SOMS) launched a vision program to provide free, new, custom-made eyeglasses to working adults and senior citizens in the Moratuwa Egoda Uyana area who cannot afford to purchase these on their own. The program was implemented in collaboration with the Moratuwa MOH officer and his staff. 658 needy individuals were examined by eight qualified optometrists individually at the premises of Sri Sunandopananda Maha Vidyalaya school in Egoda Uyana on Saturday 16 June, 2012. There were a total of 658 Participants: 210 individuals got reading bifocals on the spot and 428 individuals will get their customized eye glasses on the 7th of July 2012 at the same location. 23 prefects from Alethea International School, Dehiwela worked tirelessly to assist SOMS staff in organizing the school premises for the clinic and were present onsite on the day to work with Citibank staff. On the clinic day, approximately 70 Citibank staff volunteered and participated in activities such as registering patients, directing and managing the queues, serving snacks to the waiting crowds, and distributing the reading bifocals that were presented on the spot.


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Bank: Commercial Bank Sri Lanka Acc.: So Others May See Inc. Acc. No.: 1108623501