Mannar Clinic II

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Date: January 21-22, 2014

Project in Brief

Mannar District-wide Schools Follow up Vision Program

A.M.M. Sahabdeen Trust Foundation and So Others May See Inc. (SOMS) partnered together with Vision 2020 Secretariat in the Ministry of Health and successfully completed the district wide school children vision program in Mannar district in 2012. A total of about 28,000 school children were pre-screened and 1371 students from this number then had their eyes tested by 3 optometrists for refractive errors and 532 received eyeglasses in 2013. SOMS conducted a follow up vision program after one year for the children who received eyeglasses between the ages of 6-14 in Mannar district. 283 students were tested in 3 locations – Madhu, Mannar and Puttalam on 21st, 22nd and 28th of January 2014. Out of the total students, 35 children were prescribed with new eyeglasses whose refractive error has changed during the past year. 7 students’ eyeglasses needed a repair. The eyeglasses were distributed to the children by Mr.Sebamali Croos, ISA – Special Education in Mannar zone and by Mr.M.I.Croos, ADE Non-Formal Education in Madhu zone during early February.


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