Anuradhapura Clinic

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Date: December 6, 2013

Project in Brief

Anuradhapura District wide School Children Vision Program

Anuradhapura district school children program was inaugurated by Dr. Asela Abeydeera – Vision 2020, Dr. Managala Gamage – Pediatric vision care, and Dr. Priyanga Iddawala – Eye surgeon, Anuradhapura on 27th of August , 2013 at the Anuradhapura RDHS office in the presence of officials from Vision2020, Ministry of Health, local officials from Anuradhapura district RDHS office and Zonal education office, Eye Care Institute optometrists and SOMS team. This program was sponsored by the Colombo Stock Exchange. Following the kick-off meeting, Dr. A. Abeydeera, Dr. P. Iddawala and Dr. Ahamed Jeza trained the school teachers to screen the students with vision impairment assisted by SOMS program officer. This training was held in 6 locations in each education zone – Anuradhapura, Kekirawa,Thabutthegamma ,Kebithigollewa and Galenbidunuwewa. We trained 557 teachers from 540 schools in Anuradhapura district. After the training session the teachers went back to their schools and screened the students for refractive error and sent us the lists of students who had to be tested by optometrists.

Simultaneously, the Anuradhapura Education Zonal Office staff and Dr. P. Herath, MO-NCD Anuradhapura helped us cluster these 540 schools into several stations in different parts of Anuradhapura. We started the screening in Thabutthegamma zone on the 22nd of October 2013 with 6 Optometrists from the Eye Care Institute, Colombo. The screening continued for 22 days from 22nd October to 6th December. In Anuradhapura district 2165 children were tested by the optometrists and 895 glasses were prescribed to be made within those 22 days. 895 eye glasses were given to the students in January, 2014.

We conducted phase II eye clinics in all 5 zones to cover the students who missed participating in the clinics held during October-December, 2013. With the help of 5 Eye Care Institute optometrist we tested 1002 students from 5th – 21st of February, 2014 and 306 eyeglasses were prescribed. We conducted clinics in 18 centers during these 12 days. The eyeglasses were distributed to the students between March 17th to 21st by the SOMS staff, Anuradhapura RDHS staff and CSE team.


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