How You Can Help


[column size=”1-3″ last=”0″ style=”1″] how-you-can-help-1
[/column] [column size=”2-3″ last=”1″ style=”1″] We thank you for whatever help and support you can provide So Others May See Inc., whether it be a financial or charitable contribution, donations of new eyeglass frames, or your time.

We urge you to become involved in our organization and you can do so by contacting or call 301-800-7723 or +94 112 576000.

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Make a Financial Donation

[column size=”1-2″ last=”0″ style=”1″] Now you can make a charitable donation via Dialog eZ Cash or PayPal. Please click on the desired button and follow the instructions to complete your donation.

[/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”1″] For direct deposits use:

Sri Lanka
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 1108623501 Commercial Bank
ACCOUNT NAME – So Others May See Inc.

Cheques can be made out to “So Others May See Inc.” and mailed to either:


So Others May See Inc.
112 W. 34th Street,
18th Floor,
10120, New York,
United States

Tel: 301-800-7723


Sri Lanka

So Others May See Inc.
29/1A 1-1,
Colonel T. G. Jayawardena Mawatha,
Colombo 3,
Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 112 576000



Donations of Unused Eyeglass Frames

Optometric retailers who have excess inventory of new eyeglass frames that they might like to dispose of, could donate those stocks to us. We can then cover the costs of fitting them with lenses if it is determined that they would be appropriate for any given needy individuals. Eyeglass frames could be mailed to either of the addresses listed above. Please note that, because of our cost effective sourcing for new, custom-fit eyeglasses, we do not want to try and recycle used spectacles.

Bank: Commercial Bank Sri Lanka Acc.: So Others May See Inc. Acc. No.: 1108623501